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How It Works

Once you have installed the NowDocs print driver on your computer, you'll be able to start using NowDocs to submit files and orders. Files are stored in your NowDocs file cabinet, so you can access them easily when ordering a reprint. To conserve storage space on our server, we will delete files from your NowDocs file cabinet periodically. If you need to store a particular file in your file cabinet for an extended period of time, please note this preference in the “Special Order Instructions” box when you submit your order.

To submit a new file and start a new order using NowDocs:

  1. Open the file you'd like to submit and select the PRINT function.

  2. In the PRINT dialog box, select “CopyCentral” in the "Printer" drop-down menu and then click on PRINT.
    Your file will be converted to a pdf and displayed on a print preview screen for your review. Remember to make sure that the paper size and file configuration are correct.

  3. After reviewing your file, click on CONNECT (Macs) or CONTINUE (PCs).

  4. Authenticate to NowDocs using your Access User ID and password.
    Your file will automatically be transferred to the NowDocs server.

  5. When you are asked to choose a location for your file, simply click on CONTINUE. You do not need to select a location.

  6. Click on the preview icon to review your pdf.

  7. Click on CLOSE PREVIEW to return to the “Add Documents” screen.

  8. Click on GO TO NEXT STEP to begin the order submittal process.
    You will need to indicate your printing, binding, and finishing preferences and provide shipping information to complete the order.

To order a reprint using NowDocs:

  1. Authenticate to the NowDocs Web site.
    You'll need to enter your Access User ID and password to enter the site.

  2. Click on the file folder icon to view your order history and find the order you'd like to reprint.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your order.

Have questions? Call us at 814-865-2679 or e-mail us at

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